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Tango Like a Power User: 21 Ways To Make Better How-To Guides

Tango Like a Power User: 21 Ways To Make Better How-To Guides

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What’s the second best thing to learning something new? Sharing it with someone else.

That’s why we’ve rounded up 21 ways to help you use Tango to the fullest—straight from the people who built it. 

🙋 I'm new. What's Tango, in ~200 characters or less?

Tango is a Chrome extension and desktop app that creates how-to guides (with screenshots!) in seconds. It's for anyone who teaches people how to use software—and everyone who wants to learn while they work.

Whether you’re fresh from the Chrome Store, semi-familiar with Tango, or codependent in the best sense—this list is for you.

  1. Show your steps as a slideshow. 😍
  2. Guide people along—literally. 🤗
  3. Capture processes incognito—in two clicks. 🕵🏽
  4. Keep content current with Re-capture.  
  5. Record a Loom *while* you capture a Tango. 🤯
  6. Batch blur sensitive information in the blink of an eye. 💥
  7. *Surface* sensitive information with Secure Blur. 🔒
  8. Move the orange box to explain what to do next.  🟧
  9. Use search to find existing Tangos 10x faster. 🔍
  10. Title your Tangos with AI—and a little automagic. 🪄
  11. Don’t underestimate the power of a great description. 🏆
  12. Give up something good (static PDFs) for something great. 💪🏿
  13. Embrace new and improved embeds. 😎
  14. Copy + paste to Tango with your favorite tools. 👯‍♀️
  15. Tango at top speed with keyboard shortcuts. ⌨️
  16. Zoom in (and out). ✔️
  17. Keep it short and sweet. 🍭
  18. Give the people the GIFs they want. 😁
  19. Express yourself with Workspace icons. 🛼
  20. Subscribe to Launch Notes for the latest and greatest. 📣
  21. Don’t sleep on Tango’s help center. 📌

1. Show your steps as a slideshow. 😍

Do you love the slideshow format of Live Embed and wish you could share a link to that instead of the vertical, step-by-step version? 

  1. Find your Tango’s URL.
  2. Replace /workflow/ with /embed/preview/
  3. Watch what happens. ✨

2. Guide people along—literally. 🤗

Want to make documentation people will actually use? We have two words (and one button) for you: Guide Me.

First, make sure everyone you’re coaching has Tango’s free Chrome extension. That’ll give everybody access to the pop-up checklist that makes it possible to:

  1. Click the Guide Me button on any Tango how-to guide.
  2. Be directed to the webpage where a process begins.
  3. Access the side-by-side, how-to guide turned interactive checklist.
  4. Check off each instruction as it’s completed (without losing your place, or bouncing between tabs!).

What’s the result? More execution-on-autopilot—and energy for initiatives that *do* need your undivided attention. (Another reason to stop training your team on software!)

3. Capture processes incognito—in two clicks.🕵🏽

Need to replicate exactly what your end users will see, as you create a how-to guide to help people zip through a process?

It’s easier than you might think.

4. Keep content current with Re-capture. 

A little icon goes a long way.

Has an existing process evolved? Don’t worry; you don’t need to start from scratch. 

 A screenshot of a how-to guide made with Tango, with the option to insert a step and/or capture more steps.
  1. Go to your existing Tango.
  2. Hover over the area between steps.
  3. Click on the ➕ icon.
  4. Insert or capture more steps.
  5. Save your updated process. 
  6. Check this task off your list. 🎊

"I was wasting so much time re-recording videos every time one thing changed in my process. With Tango, I fix the individual step and I’m done in 30 seconds."

Belakhdar Raouf

UX/UI Designer

5. Record a Loom *while* you capture a Tango. 🤯

We have a Sales Operations Manager at Better Agency (👋, Nick!) to thank for this two-in-one training tip.

Use Loom and Tango together to get the best of both worlds: 

  • Voiceover for anyone who likes to watch videos.
  • Step-by-step documentation for everyone who likes to find answers fast.

"This tip has been life changing for me. In all seriousness, I cannot overstate the magic and awesomeness it brought to our documentation process. THANK YOU!"

John Bendever, Jr.

Creative Director, Local Marketing Pros

6. Batch blur sensitive information in the blink of an eye. 💥

Doctoring screenshots to protect personally identifiable information (PII) throughout your documentation just got A LOT easier. 

In case you haven’t already had the pleasure—meet Batch Blur. Aka the best way to update 100 screenshots in a single click.

Note: ​​Since sensitive data can sneak into multiple steps within the same set of instructions, it's best to eliminate anything 🤔 in one swoop.

7. *Surface* sensitive information with Secure Blur. 🔒

Not to be confused with Batch Blur, Secure Blur makes it easy for Tango Enterprise customers to find PII—before quickly camouflaging it. 

If privacy is Priority #1 from where you sit, Secure Blur makes it possible to meet even the most stringent security requirements—and helps you minimize accidental PII exposure. We’re all human!

A screenshot of the Secure Blur functionality inside the Tango app.

8. Move the orange box to explain what to do next. 🟧

Without getting into too much detail:

  • The orange box = The Action Box. 
  • The Action Box = The rectangle you use to indicate an action should be taken, as you run through a process.

Why we gave it a glow up:

  • To make it possible to move the Action Box after generating a how-to guide.
  • To quickly recalibrate the auto-crop and auto-zoom on your screenshots. 
  • To show people using your Tangos the perfect place to click, every step of the way. 🕺

9. Use search to find existing Tangos 10x faster. 🔍

It doesn’t take long to make a lot of Tangos. 🙂 

Before we had search functionality, finding an existing how-to guide was…not fun. Think needle and a haystack. But not anymore! Use the shiny new search bar to find the knowledge you need, when you need it—and help others do the same.

A screenshot of the search bar inside the Tango app.

10. Title your Tangos with AI—and a little automagic. 🪄

It doesn’t matter what you’re naming—a boat, a baby, a puppy, or a how-to guide. Coming up with something flawless takes time. 

To help speed up that last one, there’s Automagic Titles. ✨

GPT-3.5 will automatically give any Tango you create a 10/10 title, based on the context of the content you captured. 

"Everything we build in the editor is focused on speed, simplicity, and delight.

As an engineering team, we strive to do two things. One, pack in powerful functionality. And two, keep Tango intuitive (and fun!) to use.

Ultimately, we want to create an experience that helps people get through documentation as fast as possible—but also feel empowered and engaged along the way."

Kristie Howard

Director of Engineering at Tango

11. Don’t underestimate the power of a great description. 🏆

The best how-to guides make it really easy for people to jump in. 

Use the field at the top of your Tango to jot down: 

  • The scope of the process at hand → What’s included and excluded.
  • The audience → Who your tutorial is for, plus any prerequisites for successful execution.
  • A TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) → The key points, packaged into a short summary. 

Note: If you want to go deep on best practices, Google’s technical writing course is 💯; no notes.

12. Give up something good (static PDFs) for something great. 💪🏿

We get it—PDFs are a familiar format. They’re easy to make, don’t require any special skills, and have probably served you well for years.

But to use Tango to its full potential—and help the people around you reach theirs—you don’t want to be worrying about version control. Or what’s floating around in the wild (full of fake news 👀). 

Nine times out of 10, sharing and exporting your Tango as a live file is a better bet.

13. Embrace new and improved embeds. 😎

Embeds have been the MVP of Tango sharing options for a while, because they’re: 

  • Dynamic and always up-to-date. 🙏
  • Compatible with all embed-friendly websites and knowledge bases.
  • An incredibly engaging way to walk people through a process.

Now, anyone who views your embedded Tangos can choose their favorite way to follow along:

What To Click What To Expect What To Celebrate
Start Each instruction displayed as an individual slide, with a description on top of the screenshot. People can preview future steps and jump straight to the information they need to get unstuck.
Guide Me A split screen experience, without the second monitor. No more tab switching! No more missed steps! And reason #903495 to download Tango's free browser extension. 🙃
Scroll The OG way to follow a Tango, by scrolling down through a series of steps. Don’t want to click through each step? No problem—just click Steps in the top right to resume scrolling vertically.
Open larger Self-explanatory, but no less 💃🏽. No insights left behind. 🏆

Like the idea of a single source of truth? Want to rebuild trust in your knowledge base? Interested in embedding a Tango into your website or knowledge base? We’ve got you covered. 

A screenshot of the embed functionality inside the Tango app.

14. Copy + paste to Tango with your favorite tools. 👯♀️

We built Tango to level up your processes—and to plug into systems that people already know and love.

"One of our core product philosophies at Tango is to meet our users where they are and let them work across all the knowledge bases, wikis, and LMS tools they're already using. This means making sure that all our share and export options are universally extensible to as many platforms as possible."

Emma Heizer

Product Designer at Tango

You can copy and paste a Tango into tools like Google Drive, PowerPoint, Confluence, ZenDesk, Sharepoint, Notion, and Trainual in a few simple steps

💡 Did Confluence catch your eye?

See how LinearB scaled their SEO process and drove 300% more SEO-sourced revenue in 12 months.

15. Tango at top speed with keyboard shortcuts. ⌨️

Who doesn’t love a shortcut? 

  • To undo/redo → Use Control Z OR Command Z.
  • To move between steps → Use the ⬆️ ⬇️ arrow keys.
💡 Want to document way more, in way less time?

See how one Product Marketing Manager creates five customer-facing help articles in 30 minutes with Tango.

16. Zoom in (and out). ✔️

What’s better than automatically cropped and annotated screenshots? 

Automatically cropped and annotated screenshots that zero in on what’s (most) important

17. Keep it short and sweet. 🍭

There are over a million Tangos out in the world (which continues to make us feel all the feels!).

The average process captured with Tango is about 11 steps long. Keeping your how-tos short and sweet isn’t just a gift for the people following your Tangos—it’s also a great way to drive adoption of your documentation. 

💡 Does your Tango need more context?

Use the description fields to link to other relevant Tangos (if applicable!).

18. Give the people the GIFs they want. 😁

The day we learned we could upload external GIFs into steps without an image was a really good day. 

19. Express yourself with Workspace icons. 🛼

Work isn’t always fun, but that doesn’t mean your Workspaces can’t be.

If you belong to multiple Tango Workspaces, Workspace icons are a fun way to keep them organized—and show some personality, too. Choose from our library or upload your own.

A screenshot of Tango's Workspace icon library

20. Subscribe to Launch Notes for the latest and greatest. 📣

If you’re an early adopter, Launch Notes are for you. 

See what’s new to Tango each month, and never miss out on:

  • Features you’ve been hoping for. 🤞🏽
  • Incremental improvements with outsized benefits. 😍
  • Updates our engineering team just can’t keep under wraps. 🎁

21. Don’t sleep on Tango’s help center. 📌

We care A LOT about 1) documentation and 2) ease of use at Tango. Story checks out, right?

We want it to be as easy as possible for you to get up and running—whether you’re creating a Tango or helping someone follow one for the first time. 

You can find dozens of tips, tricks, and FAQs in our help center. Here’s a quick look at what’s helping people in Operations, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Information Technology, Sales, and more.

💡 Want to convince someone on your team to give Tango a try?

We've found showing > telling, but here's a 30-second talk track to help set yourself up for success.

Tango makes it easy to:

  1. Capture key processes—on any website, SaaS app, or desktop software.
  2. Create documentation people actually want to use.
  3. Answer 231383958 "How do I..." questions.
  4. Access and apply knowledge in real-time (without breaking flow!).
  5. Do your best work—and help others do the same.

The bottom line

Simplicity in software can be hard to come by. 

When we built Tango, we wanted people to be able to go from downloading our free Chrome extension to creating their first Tango in five minutes flat—and that’s still true today

While you may not need a user manual to hit the ground running (and we hope that’s always the case!), we love a best practice—or 21.

Want more where these came from? 

  • Stop by the # tango-tips channel in our community. 🫶🏿
  • Send your feedback to support@tango.us. 📧
  • Share a unique way you use Tango, so we can help spread the word. 🕺


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