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Embed your walkthroughs where employees work

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Tango overlays seamlessly 
onto 99% of SaaS apps and websites out-of-the-box.

how it works

Employees experience Tango walkthroughs as an overlay on top of the SaaS app they're using or inside your knowledge base, learning management and ticketing systems, so they get their hand held, step-by-step, without switching tabs.

Push out the browser extension

Your IT Security team can deploy the Tango browser extension to your entire organization or specific departments centrally through Microsoft Active Directory, OKTA, or Google Identity Services and authenticate employees with single-sign on. No manual employee involvement required.

Discover knowledge in the flow of work

You can pin your walkthroughs right to the software screen where employees will use it. When they see the little orange Tango "T", they know help is one click away.

Get help without searching

Employees see content based on what they’re doing and they can search for specific walkthroughs without leaving the tab they're working in. No context switching.

Follow the orange Tango box

Your employees get their hand held through the process, step by step, without stopping to read documentation or watch videos. Tango overlays seamlessly onto 99% of SaaS applications and websites out-of-the-box. 

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Benefits of integrating Tango

Employees get guidance without searching 

Training is surfaced the moment you need it

More fun than reading dense documentation and watching long videos 

See how Public Consulting Group integrated Tango directly into Workday.

Integrate walkthroughs into your knowledge base

Tango integrates with your knowledge base, learning management, ticketing, and chat systems so you get the most from your existing training and enablement technology stack investment. 

Microsoft Share
Adobe Acrobat
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Office

1. Copy the embed link for your walkthrough

Tango links work with most learning management systems, chat and email tools, and knowledge bases.

2. Paste the link into your knowledge base

That’s it! Your employees can now scroll your Tango walkthrough left to right, up and down or they can use the anchor links to jump right to the step where they are stuck. 

3. Update all of 
your knowledge 
bases dynamically

When you make changes later, click “done editing” and your Tango walkthrough will update automatically everywhere it’s integrated.  

Tango alert in Google Drive suggesting a guide.

Benefits of integrating Tango

Software knowledge looks and feels the same throughout every system employees use  

Content updates happen instantly

Employees have more trust and get more value from your knowledge base

See how Marketing Operations Manager, Bri, integrates her Tangos into Confluence.

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