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How it works


Turn Tango on and walk through your process.

Tango documents your step-by-step actions with automatic screenshots and written instructions.



Trim, revise, and finalize your new step-by-step Workflow.

Add text descriptions. Blur, resize, and annotate all your screenshots.



Link, download, paste, or embed your Workflow in your existing docs, LMS, or team chat.

Access Workflows inside Tango or in other tools.

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“After completing my first Workflow I am GIDDY with excitement thinking about how much more robust our documentation will be, and how seamless Tango can make that process.”

Chris Truglio
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I don't have time to do things twice. With Tango I can work at the speed of video recording without the worry of making a mistake or getting interrupted. Video is also out of date the moment you record it - with Tango I can easily go back and make updates to combat stale documentation.

Brittany Nickell
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As a growing team in multiple time zones, it’s really important to get everyone on the same page. We've learned that documentation is super important for everyone to feel empowered and unblocked. I’m so happy Tango exists to solve this problem.

Dani Grant


Tango is a game changer for you and your team. Here’s why.

For You

  • Save hours of screenshots and writing instructions
  • Easy to use across web and desktop
  • Simple to update your processes and guides - anytime
  • Fun! And makes you look good at work 😎

For Your Team

  • Amplify best practices to improve productivity
  • Answer questions quickly—no more repetitive training sessions!
  • View, edit, and collaborate on processes in one place
  • Integrate with existing tools (Google Docs, Confluence, Slack)

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Organization-wide Onboarding

Get new hires up to speed faster.

Guides for Internal Tools

Improve productivity for you and your team.

Support Center Upkeep

Empower customers with self-serve resources.

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