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Create process or product documentation on-demand. Build your team knowledge base effortlessly. Train teammates and customers faster.
You Do (your process)
We Capture (documentation)
You Share (anywhere)
Giving manual documentation the boot at:

What Makes Documentation
with Tango Special

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For You

  • Step-by-step format with screenshots is clearly understood by teammates and customers
  • Faster and easier to create docs than normal screenshot and writing tools
  • Tango Workflows (docs!) are simple to update and last longer than video

For Your Team

  • Built for Ops, Customer Support, Product, and all the teams in between

  • Respond to teammates and customer queries faster without straining your subject matter experts
  • Never teach the same thing twice. Do it once and set up for scale

How Tango Works


Do your process. Tango will follow and translate your actions into step-by-step instructions with screenshots


Easily make fixes. Trim, annotate, or add in missing steps


Send a link. Download. Or paste in your existing knowledge base or learning management system

I don't have time to do things twice. With Tango I can work at the speed of video recording without the worry of damaging the entire sequence if I make a mistake or am interrupted.

Video is out of date the moment you record it - with Tango I can easily go back and edit a single step and not have to worry about outdated or inaccurate documentation.

Brittany Nickell
Customer Support Team Lead

I have been professionally documenting processes for almost a decade now and I saw how incredibly valuable + different this was the INSTANT I hit record and saw Tango following and capturing my step-by-step movements.

After completing my first workflow I am GIDDY with excitement thinking about how much more robust our documentation will be, and how seamless Tango can make that process.

Chris Truglio

As a growing team in multiple time zones, it’s really important to get everyone on the same page.

We've learned that documentation is super important for everyone to feel empowered and unblocked.

I’m so happy Tango exists to solve this problem.

Dani Grant

EdTech Company

What used to take 40 hours documenting knowledge articles was reduced to a 4 hours using Tango, saving me and my team valuable time and energy.

Lynsay, Quality and Knowledge Team Member
Tango - Automatically create how-to guides with screenshots | Product Hunt

Key features

Capture across any site or application in the browser
Edit descriptions and mark up all your screenshots in one place
Screenshot cropping and annotation done for you
Remove and blur any personal data in images
Step-by-step instructions written for you
Store and retrieve Workflows in Tango. Share and embed them anywhere

Kick-start a knowledge base that actually lasts

Process documentation
Product documentation
FAQ’s & Troubleshooting
Onboarding & Trainings
IT Support & Change Management
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