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A Tale of Two Salesforce Instances | Demar Amacker, The Muse

The ripple effects of "dirty data". ❌
35 min

Out With Memorization, in With Application | Aaron MacDonald, Faire

The value of training might actually be less training.💡
49 min

Trust is a Straight Line to Enablement | Chad Trabucco, Go1

And confidence is everything. 💪🏽
45 min

On the Frontlines: Scaling a Tech-Enabled Care Model | Jamie Meyerson, Maven Clinic

Scaling a tech-enabled care model. 🏥
42 min

The State of Change Enablement

A look back on 2023: And what it means for 2024. 🔮
1 hr 8 min

6 Phases of an Ops Career Maturity Model | Jeff Cullimore, Coalition, Inc.

From order taker to change maker. ✅
44 min

Complexity Killed the Process Star | Robin Spencer, Purpose Built, Clearbit, Google

Simplicity for the win. 🤓
46 min

Breaking Habits and Building Trust | Hillary Curran, Guru

How to manage your “content cowboys.” 🤠
39 min

The Power of Community in Education & Enablement | Joshua Zerkel, Asana

Getting power users to work for you. 🫱🏻‍🫲🏽
40 min

Unlearning L&D | Ryan Kruger, Lucid Motors

Myths vs. realities. 💡
45 min

Internal Enablement and Async Communication | Brittany Soinski, Loom

A human-centered design approach to learning. 👩🏼‍🎨
42 min

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You Heard It Here First

You are ultimately judged on the outcomes of your work, not the effort that you put into it.
Travis Cormier, COO at Aethereal
We are living in a tab apocalypse. On average, a person toggles between tabs 1200 times a day, which adds up to about 4 hours a week of just context switching. That’s 10% of your week doing nothing good.
Patrick Monnot, Founder & CEO at Pod
The less time I have to pull people out of their flow of work to do something, I’m proving my ROI as an L&D professional even more. I’m showing that I have the skillset to transfer critical knowledge with minimal disruption.
Aaron MacDonald, Customer Experience Enablement at Faire
You should centralize what you know and decentralize what you want to learn.
Kristin Kaiser Mulligan, COO at Heard
Being able to access information when you need it in whatever tool you’re working in is the real unlock.
Hillary Curran, Customer Solutions at Guru
Think they'll come if you build it? Maybe if they're dragged, kicking and screaming.
Ryan Kruger, Instructional Designer at Trustly