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Tango Guidance: Employees learn your software while using it

Tango Guidance: Employees learn your software while using it

A screenshot from Tango introducing Guidance (an interactive walkthrough with curated insights, created in seconds).
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Software is the gateway to everything we do at work, and there are seemingly hundreds of processes we need to learn. Yet the way we teach people technology doesn’t work and leads to lost productivity, poor performance, frustration and helplessness, and a boatload of questions from people who are stuck. 

Guidance is a new way to give your team the right answers—in the right place, at the right time—so you can stop training your team on software procedures and free them up to focus on what matters most.

A GIF demonstrating how Guidance from Tango works (and makes it easy to help people get unstuck—without stopping, searching, or screen sharing).

Knowledge sharing is broken

71% of organizations have less than half of their processes documented, according to our recent survey.

Results from a Sprig survey run by Tango in 2023, depicting the percentage of company processes documented (on average, per organization).

Documenting a single process takes hours of tedious work. And processes are constantly changing, so it’s easy to see how you can fall behind. 

Even when you do make how-to guides, the truth is people don’t like wordy documents and long videos. So you end up with outdated, boring training content that’s hard to find and even harder to use. 

Screen sharing is not the answer 

When people can’t unblock themselves through self-service, they ask an expert. Probably you. 😆 And then two people have to pay the price. 

70% of people surveyed say they use screen sharing at least once a day to give or get answers at work. 50% are screen sharing multiple times every day! 

Results from a Sprig survey run by Tango in 2023, depicting screen sharing frequency requests at work (on average, per respondent).

Not to mention email and chat. It takes 23 minutes on average to get back “in the flow”—so these interruptions are costly. 

Traditional software training is killing your employees

If your employee is in the middle of a task and they get stuck, here’s what they probably don’t want to do:

  • Search multiple knowledge bases
  • Read wordy documentation
  • Watch long videos 
  • Switch back and forth between tabs 
  • Wait for someone to help them

They want answers fast, from a trusted expert, without tab or context switching. 

Say hello to Guidance

Guidance employees your business applications while they are using them - shows them exactly where to click right on their screen, and delivers curated insights from experts at each step. 

Do I really need another tool? Yes. 😁 

You have a great set of tools for other modes of work. Zoom is nice when you need to have a conversation, make a decision, or vibe with your co-workers. Slack, Teams, and Loom are great for async communication. Notion, Asana, and other collaboration tools are helpful for brainstorming. You might even use a Learning Management System (like Trainual or Lessonly) for structured training. 

These are wonderful tools (we use them at Tango!) but none of them are ideal for learning step-by-step software processes.

The five work modes listed from most focused to most freeform.

Guidance offers the step-by-step, personalized experience people want and need—without the inefficiencies of documentation, video, and screen sharing. 

6 Guidance capabilities explained 

Check out how Guidance works and the biggest benefits for you, your co-workers, and your customers. 

Why your co-workers and customers will love Guidance 👇

1. Get help without searching or switching tabs 

Your Tango extension recommends Guidance for the website you’re working on at that moment. So when you’re stuck, help comes to you

Instead of becoming an expert at finding information and searching your knowledge base, you can spend more time becoming an expert at your craft. Plus, you get the satisfaction of being self-sufficient and sparing your co-workers an interruption. 

A screenshot of Tango's extension discovery in action.

2. See where to click—without ever leaving your screen. 

It takes mental energy to 1) read a how-to guide or watch a video, 2) process the information, and 3)  apply it. You have to filter out extra fluff, even if you just need help with one specific step in the process. When you’re in Get Sh*t Done Mode, that’s the last thing you want to do. 

Guidance shows you where to click right on your screen, so you can fly through your tasks and make fewer mistakes. 

A screenshot of Guidance by Tango, which delivers on-screen walkthroughs for key processes within the flow of work.

3. Get curated insights each step of the way 

Sometimes a little extra context can be the difference between success and mediocrity. 

Guidance surfaces insights, pro tips, and warnings from your most experienced teammates in the context of each step, so you can perform every task like an expert. 

Getting nuggets of knowledge in the flow of work (instead of in a classroom, a meeting, or a training video) makes it more likely that you’ll apply it when you need it—and therefore more likely you’ll remember it. 

A screenshot of contextualized Callouts to catch people's attention and help your whole team work the way your top performers work.

Why you will love Guidance 👇

4. Create step-by-step walkthroughs in seconds 

Creating Guidance is as easy as clicking through your process. When you’re done, Tango AI assembles all of the screens and button clicks, writes all of the step descriptions, and even names the process for you. 

What used to take hours takes only minutes with Tango. And now you can capture 20x more processes (with 100x fewer headaches 😍) to ensure your team can confidently get sh*t done.

A screenshot of Guidance by Tango, which makes it easy to create step-by-step walkthroughs in seconds.

5. Crowdsource improvements from every user

Software and best practices are constantly changing, so your process guides quickly become outdated. With Guidance, users can send comments to share their ideas for improving each step. 

They’ll feel more invested in the process, and you’ll benefit from keeping every process up-to-date with the collective knowledge of your team. 

A screenshot of Tango's Comments and Reactions feature, which makes it easy to get feedback as users go through a process.

6. See your impact and fix bottlenecks 

There’s nothing worse than taking the time to capture a process, sharing it out, and then…crickets. 🦗 Without insight into who’s using your process and how well it’s working, you can’t make improvements or invest your time where it will have the biggest impact. 

The analytics dashboard shows you usage and bottlenecks so you can optimize your workflows and provide personalized help to everyone who needs it.

A screenshot of Guidance Analytics, showing how many people have viewed a Tango, who viewed it, and how successful they were.

The bottom line

Get started with Guidance—and empower your team to unblock themselves and get sh*t done in three simple steps. 

1. Install the Tango browser extension. ✅

It takes about two minutes to download (and it’s free!). Don’t forget to pin it to your browser. 

2. Create a Tango—or 10. 💃 

Open the extension, click the big orange capture button, and do your thing.

3. Invite your co-workers to install the extension too. 🎉 

Really want to cue the confetti? Upgrade to the Business Plan and share your Tangos with your team.

Want even more Guidance? 


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