We help people do more of the work that matters.

How’s that for a job description? 

We’re building a future of work where processes are easier to document and faster to follow. Where teams can give and get the right answers, in the right place, at the right time. Where to-do lists are easier to tackle—making space for the work that matters most.

Come build with us.

It takes (a lot more than) two to Tango.

Our team is a diverse group of artists, readers, parents, surfers, and foodies. We could use someone like you, too.

Life at Tango

We’re making work better for everyone—and that starts with our team. 

The Basics 🧡

Full health coverage
Equity and 401(k)
Unlimited PTO
Paid parental leave
Work from anywhere in the U.S.

Growth 🌱

Annual learning and development stipend 
6 annual personal volunteer days 
Offsites to new cities three times a year

Fun! 🥭

Annual National Parks pass
Unlimited gifting of mango products
Subsidized Roller Skates (yes, seriously)

Our Values

The foundation of everything we do at Tango.

Team first

Lift up others. Winning as a team beats winning alone.

Take action

Value speed and fail forward. Avoid indecision and move past uncertainty.

Aim high

Set ambitious goals. Reject mediocrity and take calculated risks.

Seek diversity

Invite unique perspectives. Create a safe space to challenge the status quo.

In the News

See what all the buzz is about.

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Let's Tango.

Tango is totally free. Just like your time will be. 😉

Tango is totally free.
Just like your time will be. 😉