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What’s the evidence your training sessions worked? How do you know if that expensive software renewal is worth it? Tango Analytics help you scientifically improve processes, show the effectiveness of your enablement work, and determine software ROI.

Measure process adoption company-wide and by department

See which walkthroughs are being used broken down across time and viewing method.

See exactly where people are getting stuck

See which processes are working, which aren’t, and exactly where people are abandoning your walkthrough.

Deliver tailored help to co-workers who need it

See which employees are struggling and where they’re getting stuck.

Tango alert in Google Drive suggesting a guide.
Tango alert in Google Drive suggesting a guide.

Crowdsource improvement ideas from your users

Collect feedback on specific steps from users in going through real-life situations. 

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Benefits of using Analytics

Get insight into how your business 
really works

Feel confident about your decisions and recommendations

Help co-workers and fix problems faster

Have the answers to important questions from stakeholders

Connect the dots between your training work and business outcomes

Get credit for your impact on the organization

See why Sales Enablment Manager Tom, describes Tango Analytics as “haptic feedback”

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