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Enable perfect
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how it works

When it comes to learning software, research shows people dislike dense videos, wordy documentation and long meetings. Enable your co-workers to successfully complete your processes, without memorizing them, with Tango Guidance.

Experience walkthroughs
inside your software

The Tango browser extension (which you deploy centrally without manual involvement) ensures 
your co-workers have access to step-by-step guidance inside of every SaaS application and website they use without switching tabs. 

Follow the orange box

Guidance shows users where to click so they 
can easily follow your walkthroughs - including processes that span multiple applications.

Get context and pro tips

Callouts alert users to important things they need to know to complete the process with confidence, like your most experienced experts.

Tango alert in Google Drive suggesting a guide.

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Benefits of using Guide Me

Co-workers feel like their hand is being held (without you doing it)

Your most skeptical users successfully adapt to process changes

Co-workers save mental energy for more impactful work

Processes get completed flawlessly the 
first time

You avoid interruptions and save hours of 1:1 support time

See why IT Director, Ken, says
“for our CIO, Guide Me sold it.”

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