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Saving Time with Tango: The Chrome Extension that Creates Workflow Instructions and Guides Within Moments

Saving Time with Tango: The Chrome Extension that Creates Workflow Instructions and Guides Within Moments

Tango co-founders Brian Shultz (left), Ken Babcock (center), and Dan Giovacchini (right) dropped out of Harvard Business School to launch Tango in March 2020
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“Tango is designed to help employees get back as much as 20% of their work week spent searching for that one piece of information or tracking down the right colleague to assist with a task.”


Like a perfect dance partner, Tango has the capacity to both lead and follow. Tango is a free Chrome extension that helps people do their best work by seamlessly creating step-by-step documentation in minutes. Tango lets you document by doing, automatically capturing your workflows as you complete them. 

Co-founders Ken Babcock, Dan Giovacchini and Brian Shultz launched Tango after discovering the average team wastes hours creating manual onboarding documentation and relying on outdated processes. The three dropped out of Harvard Business School after launching an initial prototype that received glowing reviews. 

“We saw an opportunity to help team members and peers to easily learn new jobs or processes on the job, and simultaneously reduce documentation and save precious time,” says Babcock. “For growing organizations, the key to scale is often making internal processes and knowledge accessible. Tango makes sharing knowledge seamless, and by doing that increases productivity and dispels a fear many employees share—not performing a task correctly.”

“These needs were amplified at a time when businesses went remote and staff began to scatter across borders and time zones,” says Babcock. “The COVID-19 pandemic eliminated the opportunity to pop into an office or tap a colleague on the shoulder, making training an increasingly isolating task. In an effort to create the teammate who is always available to help: Tango was born.”

Let's get practical: creating instant, shareable guides and instructions with Tango (for free!)

Tango is a free chrome extension that integrates with the platforms you’re already using in your browser. Once you have it downloaded, you’re ready to go. Here’s a brief rundown on how to use the tool to conquer all tools.

Step 1: Capture your task   

As you complete a task, the Tango extension captures your workflow by automatically turning each of your actions into a screenshot with a corresponding description. The result is a guide that outlines the optimum way to perform the task at hand. 

Step 2: Blur your private information  

If you work with confidential data, this isn’t a problem for Tango! The platform presents you with the option to keep your personal information private by removing sensitive data or details that are irrelevant to the task.

Step 3: Edit your guide  

And guess what? Your process guide doesn’t have to be final after your task is completed! That’s right, you can edit your workflow tutorial if needed. Once you’re happy with the result, your final product is a detailed, visual step-by-step how-to guide. 

Step 4: Share your workflow

The guide can be exported as a PDF or converted into code for embedding on web pages and wikis, allowing companies the flexibility to make guides accessible in different formats. A feature called “Magic Copy'' lets you magically copy and paste the text and images anywhere you need. Most importantly, Tango tutorials are intentionally straight-forward and can be easily used to teach and train others.

If you’re wondering why this seems a little too easy, it’s because it was built to be!

Tango is the only workflow intelligence platform that removes the burden of creating workflow documentation while providing the insights necessary for organizations to standardize best practices, onboard and train new hires quickly, and improve employee performance.

Tango has already helped many companies, both established and rising, update their process documentation. 

Pluralsight, a leader in the workforce development technology space, uses Tango on their Revenue Operations team to create visual step-by-step processes for their go-to-market teams. In the past, the team has relied on Google Docs but is now using Tango to document important every day tasks such as "How to Process Customer Referrals" and "How to Leverage the New Account Scoring Data."

IBM's internal Survey Research Center recently used Tango to create training materials for 20,000 managers in their global workforce. Previously, the team manually created PDFs and walkthrough videos which quickly became outdated. With Tango they were quickly able to create to-the-point visual tutorials for a complex set of important tasks such as ‘How to Understand Survey Score Ranges’ and ‘How to Export Comments from Completed Surveys.’ Tango enabled their small internal team to save about two weeks of design/rework time on these important but operational tasks and let them focus more energy on high value projects like enterprise-wide survey analysis.

Tango’s capabilities don’t stop there. The platform has the capacity to document workflows in a number of creative ways including, but certainly not limited to, creating epic pizza recipes (a beloved guide curated by Tango Engineer, Orry Baram) or documenting virtual meetings to instantly send recaps of expected deliverables to clients.

4 Elbows, a website and brand development agency, uses Tango to create PDF documentation when delivering new websites to clients. Before using Tango, the 4 Elbows team relied on tools like SnagIt, Adobe XD and Microsoft Word to manually create their walkthrough deliverables. With Tango, they create bespoke visual how-to-guide PDFs—in minutes instead of hours—that clients are able to reference with ease. No matter the assignment, Tango is committed to moving all employees to the same rhythm by cultivating an efficient and hassle-free approach to executing company goals.

“​​Tango is the only workflow intelligence platform that celebrates how work gets done.” 

-Cision PR Newswire, Yahoo! Finance

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