A Buyer’s Guide To Tango Business or Enterprise

We like surprises, too. But not with our software purchases.
Here’s what Tango customers typically experience after signing—and what you can expect too.

Onboarding phases

Millions of Tango users have helped optimize our onboarding experience.
We’re happy to report it’s short and sweet, with just three phases:
For project owners
For content creators
For end users
Each phase is designed for people who:
Have a lot going on
Love succinct,
Like their
milestones in
manageable pieces
Dig personalized
guidance in a pinch
Get the details. ⬇️
phase 1

Project owner

Align on your project timeline,
stakeholders, and milestones.
Why we do it:

It’s nice to hear from a human—and a dedicated Customer Success Manager 👋🏽 

Self-configuring SCIM (Tango Enterprise only) and SSO isn’t everyone’s cup of tea 🍵

No two use cases are exactly the same 💡

How we do it:

A personal introduction to Tango within 48 hours after purchase

Q&A on your software project, distribution methods, and integrations

A 30-minute demo with your #1 tool (or the next best)

Step-by-step action items to expedite Tango’s easy, no-code setup

A game plan to encourage content creation early and often

phase 2

Content creator

Teach subject matter experts how to document processes with Tango.
Why we do it:

Capturing institutional knowledge is essential to unlock Tango’s full value 🔓

Integrating Tango into your tools will increase your overall software ROI 💰

It’s fulfilling to help people optimize their processes and prove their
impact 📈

How we do it:
Our product designers have simplicity down to a science, so there isn’t too much to cover here.
Even so—we’ll go over browser and desktop Click-to-Create, Auto-PII Blur, Workspaces, Embed, Pin Your Tango, Analytics, and other useful features for creating, securing, integrating, and analyzing your software training.
phase 3

End user

Enable end users to adopt new processes with on-screen guidance.
Why we do it:

There’s nothing like enabling end users to apply knowledge in the flow of work 💃

Silently deploying and pinning Tango’s Chrome Extension for all users is key to success 🔑

How we do it:

First, we’ll schedule a 1:1 call to confirm:

Workspace access

Extension deployment

Your internal communication plan

Then, we’ll host a 30-minute team onboarding to:

Introduce the browser extension

Demo Guide Me from your library of established content

Timelines to choose from

Tango tends to appeal to people who 1) like to move quickly, and 2) have an upcoming software launch or internal training deadline.
No matter which track you choose, you can expect the same white glove service. ⬇️
Documenting processes with Tango for the first time?
Here’s a realistic timeframe. ⬇️
*Contingent upon content availability from your creators.
Already have a workspace full of Tangos, or just extra motivated?
Here’s a realistic timeframe. ⬇️

What you can expect as a project owner

We won’t ghost you after onboarding. 
Here are a dozen things to take advantage of throughout your implementation process and beyond. ⬇️
1:1 support from a dedicated
Customer Success Manager
A check-in cadence tailored to 
your needs, preferences, and goals
Strategic consulting
for scaled deployments
Proactively shared
activation stats after 30 days
A Tango Guidance analytics 
and process adoption tutorial
Personalized outreach 
for hyper-relevant product updates
Optional early access to 
new features
A feedback session within the first 
90 days to help us build for you
Quarterly business reviews 
and custom analytics of interest
24/7 access to 
Tango’s Help Center
Prioritized chatbot and email support 
to help you get unstuck, ASAP
More direct access to Tango’s
engineers for faster troubleshooting
Meets requirements
Ease of use
Ease of setup
Ease of admin
Quality of support
Has the product been a good partner in doing business?
Product direction
(% positive)
Reaching out during the week between Christmas and New Year's, I did not expect a response and resolution [to my question] for at least another week. The fact that it happened in less than 24 hours was such a pleasant surprise.
Julie, Database Manager

What you can expect as a buyer

If we don’t have a good reason to hit your inbox or schedule a meeting, we won’t. 
Here are four more promises you can hold us to. ⬇️

1. No hidden implementation
fees or fine print

Implementation is quick, easy, and included in Tango’s list price.

Most Digital Adoption Platforms charge a separate implementation fee per tool and require six months to onboard teams (with jQuery, CSS, and HTML proficiency to build content).
Not Tango.

2. Regular, thoughtful
touch points

Instead of sporadic, sales-y outreach.

If you’re learning your account manager’s name for the first time at renewal, we’re doing it wrong.

3. Actionable quarterly
business reviews 

That won't be a waste of your time.

Excluded Fluff to fill half an hour.
Included Insights tailored to your unique use cases and goals.

4. Data security and privacy

If you ask us, there’s no bigger job to be done.

Tango does not sell, rent, or provide information to third parties for advertising purposes.

Tango is SOC 2 Type II compliant, with rigorously tested internal controls and systems for handling customer data securely. To maintain that certification, Tango undergoes an independent third-party audit each year.

Tango offers cutting-edge features to quickly hide sensitive or personal information in any Tango software walkthrough.

Return on investment

Find out how customers like you are leveraging Tango and thinking about ROI. ⬇️
Tango for process standardization
The Problem
With traditional software training:
Everyone documents differently
It can take [highly paid] subject matter experts 2+ hours to create one how-to guide
Documentation is equally hard for end users to find, understand, and apply
The “solution” is to memorize hundreds of (evolving) processes across dozens of tools
The solution(s)
With Tango, customers save time on:
Codifying existing processes
Creating net new standard operating procedures (SOPs)
In-person training sessions that pull people away from their jobs
Repetitive questions and 1:1 software support
With Tango, customers save money on:
Band-aid, siloed knowledge sharing solutions
Additional training headcount
Their current Digital Adoption Platform (that’s $$$ and too complicated to use)
With Tango, customers increase efficiency by:
Introducing interactive software walkthroughs that are brainless to create and follow
Enabling more experts to share knowledge without special skills
Minimizing interruptions for content creators and context switching for end users
Offering a consistent learning experience across disconnected learning tools
Unlocking role-specific training at scale
With Tango, customers decrease risk by:
Protecting sensitive information with auto and batch blur
Increasing compliance with step-by-step instructions
Reducing expensive mistakes with preemptive callouts
Safeguarding intellectual property when employees leave
With Tango, customers increase employee happiness with:
An easier, faster way to create documentation
A single format for learning new software and processes
Tango for software rollouts
The Problem
Change is hard. Especially when it:
Affects thousands of [reluctant] employees
Disrupts business as usual
Asks people to learn new ways of working and patterns for getting unstuck
Costs a lot of money
The solution(s)
With Tango, customers save time on:
Planning for an upcoming software rollout
Cleaning up the last messy software rollout
Putting together a comprehensive change management plan
Creating internal software training end users actually want to use
Support tickets, emails, calls, direct messages, armchair swivels, and shoulder taps
With Tango, customers save money on:
Separate, per-tool implementation fees that are too expensive to scale
Training and support costs
External agencies, administrators, and consultants
Total cost of ownership
With Tango, customers increase (self-serve) process adoption with:
On-demand, unified software support at employees’ fingertips
Tango’s signature orange box (that shows end users exactly what to do and where to click, directly on their screen)
Just enough change to help people evolve at their own pace
With Tango, customers enhance productivity with:
Click-to-Create (anyone can make a Tango walkthrough simply by clicking through a process)
Multi-app functionality out-of-the-box (because business processes often span across multiple tools)
Knowledge Base and Learning Management System integrations (no context switching or searching required) 
Pinned Tangos (to ensure key information is never out of sight and out of mind)
Up to 90% less than anticipated support ticket volume on launch week
Faster response and resolution times with Direct to Guidance links
With Tango, customers prioritize data security, privacy, and compliance with:
Advanced tooling to camouflage personally identifiable information
With Tango, customers maximize software ROI by:
Enhancing the value of their existing learning tech stack
Measuring the impact of their enablement efforts on business outcomes
Surfacing opportunities for continuous process improvement
Seeing who may need a little extra help using software to the fullest 
Tango for new hire onboarding
The Problem
22,000 people signed up to use Tango for onboarding last year. Here's what they secretly dreaded most:
Being on an onboarding island for weeks, disconnected from the team and real work
Feeling unable to dig into what they were hired to help solve, build, optimize, etc.
Learning all the SaaS tools and internal processes blocking them from contributing right out of the gate
The solution(s)
With Tango, customers take an employee-first approach to onboarding and eliminate the need to:
Ask for help
Search multiple repositories of information
Weed through wordy PDFs
Watch long videos
Experience death by learning module
Google or YouTube their way through new software
With Tango, customers increase new hire competency and confidence by:
Embedding SOPs directly in the tools where they work
Removing software knowledge as a barrier to getting their first win
Making core business processes easy enough to adopt on autopilot
Minimizing the odds of making a critical misstep
With Tango, customers reduce work and improve morale for hiring managers and top performers by:
Giving them a way to help new hires get up to speed and still get their own work done
Proactively deflecting retraining requests during the new hire nesting period
Empowering new hires to become self-sufficient, sooner
With Tango, customers accelerate time-to-ramp by:
Trading traditional software training for Real-Time Enablement
Saving mental energy previously needed for memorizing software procedures
Freeing new hires up to focus on learning about your company, customers, category, and competition
Speeding up ownership of revenue-generating projects
With Tango, customers measure speed-to-productivity progress with:
Granular data showing when new hires have ramped and to what extent
With Tango, customers maximize software ROI by:
Enhancing the value of their existing learning tech stack
Measuring the impact of their enablement efforts on business outcomes
Surfacing opportunities for continuous process improvement
Seeing who may need a little extra help using software to the fullest 

Rumor has it

If you have a big budget, all the time in the world, and a separate team to create software training documentation—you might not need Tango.
If you need your investment to go as far as possible, as soon as possible, with the headcount you already have—Tango is a no-brainer.

Keep the
conversation going

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