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22 Skills and Workflows to Help You Be a More Efficient Sales Engineer

22 Skills and Workflows to Help You Be a More Efficient Sales Engineer

Sales engineers have a lot of responsibilities. They must communicate efficiently with customers, manage sales data, and collaborate with their team. To be successful as a sales engineer, you need to develop the right skills and build efficient Workflows to handle your day-to-day work properly. 

This blog post will discuss essential skills, tools, and Workflows that will boost your productivity.

5 Skills Sales Engineers Should Master

Given the complexity of sales engineering operations, it’s vital to build a set of specific skills. Here are the five crucial skills you should focus on. 

Technical Understanding

It is essential to have a strong understanding of the product or service that you aim to sell. This includes being able to answer questions about how the product works, its features and benefits, and how it can be integrated into a customer's existing systems. To provide accurate information to potential customers, you must understand the product's technical details.

Analytical Thinking and Problem-Solving

A crucial task is to identify and solve customer problems. To do this effectively, salespeople need to have strong problem-solving skills. They must be able to assess a situation quickly, identify the root cause of the problem, and develop a solution that meets the customer's needs.


As a sales engineer, you must effectively communicate with potential customers about your products or services and give presentations to large groups (such as your teams or other stakeholders). Being able to present information clearly and concisely is critical. Good presentation skills can help engage your audience and build rapport.


Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person or group of people. In the context of sales, this means being able to put yourself in the shoes of your prospect or customer and understand their needs and pain points. This can help you tailor your pitch and solution to the individual you're speaking with. Empathy is essential for sales success in a world where personalization is becoming increasingly important.

Time Management 

As a sales engineer, you'll be responsible for completing various tasks in a typical workday, from running client meetings and product demonstrations to doing administrative work and research. 

Practical time management skills are essential for ensuring that all of these tasks are completed promptly and efficiently. Good time management skills can also help reduce stress and improve overall job satisfaction.

What Are Sales Engineer Tools?

Sales engineer tools support sales teams with daily tasks and aim to automate and optimize related sales processes.

Sales engineers are responsible for various tasks, from prospecting and lead generation to product demonstrations and technical support. The right tools can help streamline these tasks and processes, making it easier for sales teams to close deals and drive revenue.

8 Sales Engineer Tools and Workflows You Should Know

Let's look at the most relevant tools and helpful Workflows and how you can benefit from them.


Salesforce is a customer relationship management software that enables salespeople to manage their pipeline, attach files and notes to deals, and create custom workflows. By automating repetitive tasks, Salesforce allows you to focus on selling and building relationships with customers. 

In addition, Salesforce provides extensive reporting features that help you track your progress and identify areas for improvement.

Salesforce Workflows for sales engineers:

How to Create and Run Your Weekly Opportunities Report in Salesforce

This report can be beneficial for monitoring your sales pipeline and ensuring that you are on track to meet your weekly goals. 

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How to Update Salesforce Records

One of the most important features of Salesforce is its ability to keep track of customer data and update records in real-time. Being able to access up-to-date information about your customers is essential.

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Zoom is a video conferencing service that allows users to meet online for virtual meetings, conferences, and webinars. Zoom also offers a variety of features that make it ideal for sales engineers, such as screen sharing, whiteboarding, and breakout rooms. 

Screen sharing allows you to give presentations and demo products without needing physical materials, whiteboarding allows you to collaborate on projects in real-time, and breakout rooms enable you to meet one-on-one with clients or potential customers while a larger call is in progress. Zoom is an essential sales tool that helps you stay connected with clients and prospects.

Zoom Workflows for sales engineers:

How to Share a Zoom Recording

This Workflow can be beneficial if you need to share recordings of your presentations with potential clients after the call. By sharing the recordings via a link, you can ensure that your clients will be able to view them at their convenience. 

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How to Allow all Users to Screen Share on Zoom

Whether you're holding a client presentation or just catching up with colleagues, being able to share your screen can make your Zoom experience more productive and enjoyable. Allowing all users to screen share is helpful for collaboration and minimizing interruptions for questions.

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How to Enable Annotation for Meetings on Zoom

When you host or attend a meeting on Zoom, you may want to enable annotation so that you can draw or highlight essential points on the shared screen. Enabling annotation is easy to do and can be a helpful way to collaborate with others during a meeting. 

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Google Calendar

Every minute counts when meeting quotas and deadlines. Fortunately, various tools are available to help you stay on track, and one of the most popular is Google Calendar. Google Calendar is a free online tool that allows users to create and manage their meetings and events by setting reminders, creating recurring events, and sharing calendar information with others.

Google Calendar integrates with various Google products, making it easy to keep track of all your appointments and tasks in one place. Whether you use it for managing your own time or coordinating with a team, Google Calendar can be a valuable tool for sales engineers.

Google Calendar Workflows for sales engineers:

How to add a Zoom meeting link to Google Calendar 

When you add a Zoom link to Google Calendar, all invitees will receive an email with the link automatically included. They can then click on the link and join the meeting with just a few clicks. 

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How to set up working hours in Google Calendar 

Having set working hours is helpful for managing your calendar and meetings. You can set your hours in your calendar so meetings don’t get booked at times that you are not planning to be working.

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Calendly is a sales automation tool that enables you to schedule and track appointments easily. With Calendly, you can let customers schedule meetings automatically, send automatic reminders before appointments, keep track of customer interactions, and follow up with customers after meetings.


Additionally, Calendly integrates with popular CRM tools such as Salesforce and HubSpot, making it easy to keep all customer data in one place. 

Calendly Workflows for sales engineers:

How to create a new one-on-one event type

When you create a new one-on-one event type in Calendly you are able to customize all details of the event type, making it easier to templatize your meeting options.

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How to sync Calendly with Zoom

Calendly can be easily synchronized with Zoom so that links and dial-in details appear in your autogenerated calendar invites without you having to add a new link each time.

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Slack is a team messaging app that lets users communicate and collaborate in real-time. It's available on the web and mobile and integrates with various applications including Salesforce, Google Drive, and Dropbox. 

You can use Slack for file sharing, group chat, and private conversation. The messaging tool is valuable for keeping track of conversations, sharing documents and files, and coordinating with other team members. 

The app's integration with Salesforce means you can also easily access customer data and manage your sales pipeline within Slack. As a result, Slack is a powerful tool that can help you stay organized and connected to your team.

Slack Workflows for sales engineers:

How to set a Shared Channel in Slack

A shared channel allows you to invite people from other companies to join your Slack Workspace. This can be a great way to stay organized and ensure everyone is on the same page.

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How to add a custom emoji to Slack

Infusing a little fun can make work more enjoyable! Using custom emojis on Slack communications can be a great way to build team spirit and morale.

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HubSpot is a cloud-based marketing and sales software platform that helps companies attract visitors to their website, convert leads into customers, and track their progress over time. You can use HubSpot to create and track marketing campaigns and manage leads. 

Furthermore, HubSpot provides several valuable features for sales teams, including an activity feed, Pipeline Management, and CRM integration. With HubSpot, you have everything to manage your team's sales process from start to finish.

HubSpot Workflows for sales engineers:

How to add a user to Hubspot

Adding a user to Hubspot is a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps. Once the new user has been added, they can access all of the features and resources available to other users in your account.

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How to connect Hubspot to Gmail

Connecting HubSpot to Gmail will allow you to manage your Hubspot account from within the email app and take advantage of benefits such as email tracking and a better overview.

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How to send a scheduled email in Hubspot

One of HubSpot's helpful features allows you to schedule a batch marketing email to send at a specific time in your recipients' time zones.

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Gmail is an email service developed by Google. Users can access Gmail on the web and through mobile apps for Android and iOS. Gmail offers features such as storage of emails offline, the ability to search through all emails, support for multiple inboxes, and more. You can use Gmail to stay organized and keep track of customer communication. 

By creating folders for different projects, you can easily find emails later. The search function is also helpful for finding specific emails. In addition, you can set up automatic responses to common questions, saving time when responding to customer inquiries. Overall, Gmail is a valuable tool for sales engineers and can help you stay organized and efficient.

Gmail Workflows for sales engineers:

How to Turn Gmail into a To-Do List 

With so many messages coming in, it can be hard to keep track of everything that needs to be done. Fortunately, there is a way to use Gmail as a to-do list. You can turn your Gmail into an organized system for keeping track of tasks by setting up dedicated inboxes. 

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How to Enable Templates in Gmail

Gmail templates can save you a lot of time when emailing. You can enable them with just a few clicks in your Gmail settings.

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How to Create a Template in Gmail

Once enabled, you can easily create templates that contain messages you want to use repeatedly. Here’s how it works.

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How to Insert a Template in Gmail

Gmail allows you to choose from your list of created templates and insert them into your messages. Learn how to do it.

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How to Create a Label/Folder in Gmail

Labels can help you organize your emails and create a folder-like structure in Gmail. It just takes a couple of clicks and will change how you use your inbox.

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You're likely always looking for new ways to improve your sales process and Loom can be a great way to create engaging, video-based sales presentations. Loom is a powerful tool that sales engineers can use to take their sales presentations to the next level.

With Loom, you can quickly and easily record yourself giving a presentation and share the video with prospective customers. It gives customers a chance to see the presentation in action and helps them get feedback and improve. Additionally, Loom videos can be embedded on websites and shared through social media, making it easy for prospects to view the presentation at their convenience. 

Loom Workflows for sales engineers:

How to Trim a Video in Loom 

Loom allows you to cut down (trim) and rearrange your videos with ease. We'll show you how to trim a video in Loom so you can get rid of any unwanted footage.

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signNow is an eSign software that allows users to sign documents electronically. After a document is signed, it can be downloaded as a PDF or emailed to the recipient. signNow offers additional features like adding fields to a document (for example, a date field or a text field), tracking who has signed a document and setting document expiration dates.

You can use signNow to streamline the sales process by creating and sending digital contracts to clients. The client can then review and sign the contract without printing it, scanning it, and emailing it back. 

It saves time and reduces the chances of errors. In addition, you can use signNow's tracking feature to see when a client has viewed or signed a contract. This way, you can follow up with the client promptly if necessary.

signNow Workflows for sales engineers:

How to move a signNow template from Personal to a Team Workspace

You can use signNow templates to save time on individual tasks. If you want to share a template with your team, signNow makes it easy to move templates from your Personal Workspace to a shared Team Workspace.

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How to add fields to a signNow template

In signNow, you can customize your templates to include additional fields, such as text fields, checkboxes, or drop-down menus. This can be useful if you need to gather additional information from your signers or if you want to give them more options to choose from.

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Tourial helps you create customized, interactive product demos that guide your audience through your product in a way that is engaging and easy to follow. With Tourial, you can eliminate friction points in the sales process, increase conversions, and shorten sales cycles. The platform is easy to use and provides you with the flexibility to create tailored stories for specific audiences.

Tourial is an excellent tool for sales engineers for a few reasons:

  1. It helps to create engaging and informative product demonstrations that can be used with potential clients. It is beneficial for complex products that may be difficult to explain without seeing them in action.
  2. Tourial can help generate leads from trial users who are more likely to convert into paying customers.
  3. Tourial's self-guided tours are a great way to learn more about a company's products before making a purchase decision.

Tourial Workflows for sales engineers:

How to create a product demo using Tourial

With Tourial, you'll be able to create a professional-looking demo in no time, without any prior experience. Here's how to do it.

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How to embed a Tourial product demo

Tourial allows you to dynamically embed your product demos, for example, on your website. We'll show you how to do it.

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Final words

As a sales engineer, you know that efficiency is critical. You need to be able to quickly assess customer needs and provide solutions that meet their requirements. 

That's why we put together this list of 8 tools and Workflows to help you be more efficient in your job. We hope they will help you optimize your sales process!

If you want to start documenting your own Workflows and processes, too, create a Tango account.

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