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Product Update Walkthroughs with Tango

Product Update Walkthroughs with Tango

February 7, 2022
Dan Giovacchini
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Are you on a Product, Success, or Services team? Constantly making product documentation to show other teams and customers what’s changed? Or demonstrating something that’s been built for awareness and approval?

Here’s how to communicate product docs lightning fast.

  • Capture a Tango walking through the new UI or new UX. Use step descriptions to give context on the change and use additional image annotations where needed. Add helpful context by including links to PRD’s or other essential documents to relevant steps in your Workflow.
  • Create a folder with your Product area, Project, or Client name
  • Share the link directly with your team or your customer to professionally present the new product.

Now everyone has a resource they can reference on their own time. And it didn’t take you 5 tries to get the video recording the way you wanted it.

Project. Complete.

Of course, there’s lots of other ways teams have up-leveled with Tango including:

  • populating external help docs
  • job shadowing for process improvement
  • “building in public”
  • bug replication

Have an idea that’s not on here? Let us know!

February 7, 2022
Dan Giovacchini
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