Create interactive walkthroughs,
in seconds

How it works

Capture any process

Document your steps for any website or browser app while you work, with zero code, and no complicated flow builders.

Protect sensitive information

Find and blur sensitive personal, customer, and company data across text and images with one click.

Share & export

Share your interactive walkthroughs by sending a link, embedding into a website or knowledge base, copying HTML to another doc, or exporting as a PDF.

Get Guidance

Step-by-step guidance right on your screen, with context and insights where you need them—no searching or switching tabs.

Highlights your screen and shows you where to click.
Pops up automatically— no search required.
Shows curated insights for each step.

Measure & optimize

Crowdsource insights

Curate context and tips with user comments and reactions.

Personalize training

Deliver targeted help based on progress tracked in user dashboards.

Show impact

See and showcase reach and usage with customizable reports.

Tango with all of your favorite tools 💃🏻

Integrate Guidance everywhere your co-workers and customers look for help.

Microsoft Share
Adobe Acrobat
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Office


Create, edit, and optimize together in your shared team Workspace.

Newest Features



Find Tangos and Folders in a snap.


Updated Embeds

Embedded Tangos are now easier for viewers to navigate and they have a 🔥 new look.

Updated Embeds

Streamlined Sharing

Share & Export got an interface-lift with easier navigation and context cues.

Streamlined Sharing

Automagic Titles

Save yourself a few seconds by letting us tackle naming your Tangos.

Automagic Titles

Secure Blur

Seamlessly find and blur sensitive information identified in screenshots during capture.

Secure Blur

Action Box

The "orange box thingy" is now movable!

Action Box

Let's Tango.

Tango is totally free. Just like your time will be. 😉

Tango is totally free.
Just like your time will be. 😉