Tango and Scribe

Tango and Scribe both make it easy to create software how-to guides.

See which option is right for you.

Why you should choose Scribe

 Scribe is a great company with a great product. 

We wouldn’t hesitate to send you their way if:

You’re a smaller company hoping for a combination documentation tool, Knowledge Base, and customer help center

With Scribe Capture

Quickly turn any software process into a step-by-step guide.

With Scribe Pages

Create and organize an internal/external repository of information around a single topic—with multiple guides, screenshots, descriptions, and links.

Your end users prefer traditional documentation and wikis

With Scribe AI

Save time writing up text-based explanations. Explain complex processes with all the context.

Tango alert in Google Drive suggesting a guide.

Why you should choose Tango

Tango is also a great company with a great product. 😁

We’ll be a better fit for you if:

You’re a larger company looking to get more out of your existing Knowledge Base

With Tango Capture

Quickly turn any software process into an on-screen, interactive walkthrough.

With Tango Embed

Integrate your walkthroughs with learning tools you’ve already invested in—and trained users on.

In six months with Tango, we improved access to knowledge by 20% and employee satisfaction by 25%.
Emily |
Senior Product Development Manager

Your end users need knowledge even closer to their fingertips

With Tango Guidance

Teach people how to use software while using it—with in-app tooltips and without extra fluff. End users can just follow the orange box to know exactly what to click.

No one wants to spend 15 minutes reading about a process when they could use that time to actually do the process.
Troy |
Learning & Development Manager

You’re looking for more granular process adoption analytics

With Tango Analytics

Show your impact beyond baseline success metrics like walkthrough views and usage. Uncover and act on process adoption insights at the step level—without manual signals from users.

Our newest sales reps are correctly adopting our HubSpot 
processes on their first day with Tango—much faster than previous cohorts without it.
Tom |
Sales Enablement Manager

See for yourself

Tango and Scribe
are on diverging paths

Both tools will help you create step-by-step guides quickly and easily. 

So what makes them different, in the grand scheme of things?

Unique features

Once you’ve created your guides, what can you do with ease?
Organize and find those guides in a single source of truth
Surface the expertise in those guides natively, in the software where people work

End user experience

How will each tool help your end users get unstuck?
Via side-by-side instructions 
Via embedded, on-screen/in-app guidance

Product roadmap

Where are engineering dollars going?
Creating a built-in Knowledge Base (capable of replacing Confluence, SharePoint, Notion, etc.)
Building a modern Digital Adoption Platform (capable of replacing WalkMe, Whatfix, Pendo, etc.)

What’s in it for you

What kind of business impact will you be able to drive?
Document processes faster and centralize text-based reference material
Document processes faster and improve process adoption/software ROI

Table stakes requirements

See what Tango and Scribe both do well (in more detail).

Shared Capabilities

Auto-generate step-by-step software how-to guides with screenshots

Document processes to delegate while you do them (for the last time!) on all web-based and desktop applications

Create cross-app workflows for business processes involving multiple tools

Watch AI title your guide and add simple instructions for each step

Get help via in-app support, help center, and email (with a dedicated success manager for Enterprise plans)

Go ham editing—update steps, annotate screenshots, and add tips and alerts

Automatically blur sensitive information (in one or many screenshots at a time)

Customize documentation to follow your brand guidelines

Set file and folder permissions

Invite others to edit and collaborate easily in a shared workspace

Share knowledge via link, embed code, HTML, Markdown, or PDF

Integrate your guides with hundreds of tools (Confluence, Notion, SharePoint, etc.)

Instantaneously surface other potentially relevant guides for a given website or tool

Access basic analytics to see who has viewed and completed your processes

Streamline your end user experience with single sign-on

Trust your data privacy and security is taken seriously with SOC 2 Type II compliance

Tango and Scribe strengths

Consider which advantages matter most.

Track the process you’re capturing as you capture it and make real-time adjustments
Follow the signature orange box to easily find action areas and complete processes perfectly every time, without obscuring what you’re trying to show 
“Read the recipe in full” with easy-to-scan workflow outlines right from the jump
Overlay walkthroughs on any SaaS application
Launch on-screen guidance in a single click
Pinpoint process usage and improvement opportunities with granular, step-level analytics that track step completion even without manual signals from users
Auto-generate detailed descriptions with the desktop app
Convert screenshots to GIFs
Create and manage multi-nested folders and templates
Organize multiple guides for the same tool, project, or procedure in one document
Leverage crowd-sourced workflows for popular apps from the Scribe community
Review and sign off on standard operating procedures

Tango does a really good job of capturing the actual clicks made for navigating a web page or other desktop applications. The “Guide Me” feature is a very helpful browser integration that makes it very easy for end users to literally see what needs to be selected or performed. 

Users can also easily search and find Tangos, as opposed to rummaging through Confluence or a GSite or other information repositories.

Caleb, Global Process Manager

Questions to ask Tango and Scribe

Make “discovery” a two-way street.

How will you help me drive software adoption?

Is your roadmap more focused on helping experts organize content or helping end users increase competency and confidence?

How will you help me convince people who are resistant to change to learn new standard operating procedures and embrace new patterns for getting unstuck?

Which tools can you help me replace or enhance?

How will you help me drive continuous process improvement?

How will you help me measure my enablement efforts, prove my training is working, and connect my work to business outcomes?

With Tango, I get to make learning software feel like the Cadillac experience.

Chad, Customer Success Leader

See Tango’s
Software Knowledge Layer in action