How it works

Tango automatically documents any process and turns it into an interactive step-by-step guide. Here’s how...

Create software
how-to guides

Avoid hours of tedious work. Turn on the extension and click through your steps. Tango automatically generates screenshots, descriptions, and a shareable link to your new guide.

Tango instructions overlay highlighting 'Reports'

Turn guides into interactive walkthroughs

Sometimes your teammates just need to know where to click. Guidance brings your steps to life and shows them exactly what to do, right on their screen.

Get answers without searching

Get notified by the extension about relevant how-to guides for the website or tool you're using—while you're using it. No switching tabs or interrupting co-workers. 

Tango overlay on Google Drive with guide suggestion.
Tango analytics dashboard showing viewer steps

Pinpoint usage and improvement opportunities

Take the guesswork out of your guides. Analytics show you who's using them, how often, and where they're getting stuck—so you can improve the process.

Sometimes you need to meet.

Sometimes you need to get sh*t done.

See it in action

Number 1
Install the free extension

Sign up in two minutes—no credit card required

Number 2
Create your first guide

Click through your process in any software to capture steps

Number 3
Share it with your team

Tell them to click “Guide Me” and watch the magic happen

Tango with all of your favorite tools

Integrate Tangos anywhere you store or share knowledge.

Microsoft Share
Adobe Acrobat
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Office

Not convinced?

Document your first process totally free.
You'll be blown away how easy it is 💥

Document your first process totally free. You'll be blown away on how easy it is 💥