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6 Ways Marketing Teams Achieve Operational Excellence With Tango

6 Ways Marketing Teams Achieve Operational Excellence With Tango

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🕺 Guidance at Work

This post is a part of Guidance at Work, a series dedicated to helping people get sh*t done without inefficient screen sharing, long videos, or wordy documentation.

Expectations for marketers have always been high. But they’re more out of whack than ever today. 

Don’t just launch a new category—become the category king. Don’t just join TikTok—go viral. Don’t just increase pipeline—double high quality leads. Don’t just embrace automation—master the 8,000 tools on the market. Don’t just get ahead of the next algorithm update—predict the future of SEO in a post-ChatGPT world. Don’t just deliver more personalized experiences—address rising concerns about data privacy and security. Don't just experiment with AI—find the best free AI marketing asset creator on the market. And in your spare time? Help us become a media company.

What’s the new mandate, overall? Do more with less. 79% of marketers say they’re expected to achieve the same or better results this year, regardless of budget and staffing. One in four expected to top last year’s performance say they’ll have to do so with fewer people.

To cut through the noise, beat the race against time, and accomplish your goals, you’ll need to create efficiencies and optimize your marketing operations.

That’s where Guidance comes in. 

💡 What's Guidance?

Guidance delivers interactive walkthroughs with personalized insights, created in seconds—in the flow of work.

So everyone can get stuff done, fast. Without stopping to search for answers...or bugging your marketing ops person for the fifth time this week.

Find out how you can use Tango to achieve operational excellence and:

  1. Maximize your ROI on your tech stack
  2. Flatten the learning curve for new marketers
  3. Onboard freelancers and agencies, FAST
  4. Drive higher usage on every product launch 
  5. Deliver self-service enablement Sales will love
  6. Update competitor battle cards in minutes

Let’s start with how to drive adoption of the tools you’re paying so much money for. 👇

1. Maximize your ROI on your tech stack

Modern marketing teams are inundated with software to learn so they can do their (actual) jobs. Some enterprises use as many as 91 different martech tools. Marketing automation is a need-to-have, and yet only 15% believe they’re using it to its full potential.

Investing in tooling and processes is a prerequisite to improve productivity and scale your impact. Justifying that investment convinces stakeholders the software you advocated for is paying off—and makes it easier to secure future spend. 

Enter Tango. 🙏🏾

Increase adoption of (and expertise in) the tools you championed

Your tech stack is stacked with resources to understand your buyer personas, reach and engage your target audience, make data-driven decisions, automate repetitive tasks, and focus on more strategic campaigns. 

What’s missing? How-to guides people actually want to use. And a way to make them that doesn’t double the work on your plate.

To help people make the most of every tool (and save hours of tedious documentation!), all you need to do is run through your regular process on any website, SaaS app, or desktop software. Salesforce, HubSpot, Highspot, Seismic, Wordpress, Webflow, Google Analytics, Tableau, Canva, Figma, Asana, Monday.com, and countless others—they’re all game.  

When you’re done capturing your clicks, Tango will create step-by-step instructions with cropped/annotated screenshots to show people what to do. 

It feels like magic, but it’s just Tango. ✨

A GIF demoing Tango's Real-Time Capture feature (and how to make quick work of creating how-to guides).
💃🏽 Share knowledge, in seconds
Here's a Tango for entry-level SEO specialists you can take create and share in just a few clicks:

"I made 25 Tangos in the time it used to take me to make one how-to guide."

Nick Berry

Sales Operations Manager at Better Agency

2. Flatten the learning curve for new marketers

It used to be that no one was under more pressure to ramp up quickly than a new sales rep. 

But new marketers can no longer expect to announce their new role on LinkedIn and ease in with an extended listening tour. They need to be self-sufficient—and contributing to the demand gen engine—in their third week, not their third month.

Spend less time explaining software—and more time understanding customers

Software is the gatekeeper to nearly all the work done by marketing. But long explainer videos are full of fluff people don’t need. Screen shares take people out of the flow of work. And static tutorials with walls of text lead to more 🥱 than 🥳. 

When you spend too much time helping people get unstuck on software, you don’t spend enough on what really matters: creating value for customers. Use Tango to help people master the mechanics—and save mental energy for more meaningful work. 

Ease the training burden on top performers 

You want your new hire to know all your best practices. But you don’t want them to bombard your subject matter experts with nonstop questions.

Guidance offers a scalable way to capture operations and expertise, learn on the job, and get sh*t done—with fewer interruptions.

When there are relevant Tangos available for the website you’re on or SaaS tool you’re using, you’ll see a notification pop up on your extension.

A screenshot of Tango's extension discovery in action.

Here’s what you’ll see after clicking on the extension to find answers (without context switching!):

A screenshot of available Tangos for Any App.
A screenshot of answers showing up in the flow—where and when they’re needed—with Tango.

From there, Guidance will walk you through where to click and what to do—right on your screen.* 

A GIF demonstrating how Guidance from Tango works (and makes it easy to help people get unstuck—without stopping, searching, or screen sharing).

*Note: To experience Guidance to the fullest, your teammates will need Tango’s free Chrome extension, a Tango account, and an invitation to your Workspace. 

Clone process experts so everyone can operate like power users

With Guidance, new hires can find the right answers, at the right time, in the right place. Without pinging anyone. 🎉

With Callouts, your team can share expert insights at scale—and avoid fielding 10 variations of the same question, on the same step, from 10 people who joined in the last two months. 😅

✨ Tango Tip

Teaching people how to pull month-over-month organic website traffic growth?

Add context to ensure your reporting stays consistent, like this:

⚠️ When you get to Step 5, make sure you exclude our top performing blog (responsible for 50% of our traffic), which may skew our understanding of progress.

3. Onboard freelancers and agencies, FAST

What’s better than having the knowledge you need pop up automatically, in your flow of work? 

Documentation that pairs procedural knowledge (how to click through software to perform a task) with peer insights (where to pay extra attention to execute a process like a pro).

These two things are usually stored separately. Which means it’s difficult for internal teams to access end-to-end institutional knowledge—and downright impossible for freelancers and agencies. 

Get external partners up to speed while they work

External partners can offer specialized expertise you don’t have in-house, save you money, and free up your internal team to focus on other projects. But not if they’re constantly running roadblocks on your systems, struggling to follow your documentation, and trying to track down what’s not documented at all. 🧠

Onboarding an extension to your marketing team—whether it’s one graphic designer, three web developers, or a 300-person SEO agency—takes time.

But it’s significantly faster (and more hands-off) with on-screen guidance—and built-in context and callouts. 

A screenshot from Tango of an interactive walkthrough telling  you exactly what to do and where to click, without ever leaving your screen.

Tools like Slack are great for talking about ideas. Tools like Zoom are great when you want to have a live conversation and feel people’s energy. But when you want to focus and get work done, you need a tool that makes it easy for people to serve themselves. 

A Tango-branded image of a toggle button indicating get sh*t done mode has been activated.

Tango tells freelancers and agencies exactly what they need to know to hit the ground running, as they hit the ground running.

👉 Case Study

See how LinearB scaled their SEO process across 10 freelancers and teammates with Tango.

4. Drive higher usage on every product launch 

Coming up with better ways to share knowledge isn’t only important internally. It’s also a huge part of communicating all your new and exciting improvements with your total addressable market—and easier said than done.

Nothing puts cross-functional information sharing and alignment to the test quite like a product launch. 

  • The bad news: Eleventh hour changes are almost guaranteed. 🫠 
  • The good news: It’s never been easier to keep customer-facing content current. 😎

Create way more help articles, in way less time

Changes to your product inevitably mean changes to your help articles. If you’re a Product Marketing Manager (PMM) in charge of your knowledge base—and approximately 1,000 other tasks before launch day—the last thing you should do is start from scratch. 

Check out this case study from a PMM who has probably created a lot more Intercom help articles than most people—in significantly less time.

A grid comparing what it's like to create an Intercom help article with and without Tango.

"Tango saves me up to two hours on every Intercom help article. They used to take at least an hour each. With Tango, I can create a higher quality help article in a few minutes. And when the product or process inevitably changes, it only takes me 30 seconds to update it."

Grace Bailey

B2B SaaS Product Marketer

✨ Tango Tip

Want to create even more useful Tangos?

Don't sleep on our 21 ways to make better how-to guides.

Demo new features without special skills—or video

No matter if you have a product-led or sales-led go-to-market strategy, chances are you need demos, and you need them fast.

SaaS marketing teams often struggle to meet demand because:

  1. Complex functionality can be hard to capture in a two-minute video.
  2. Ongoing updates to products require ongoing updates to demos (and special skills 💸).
  3. After almost every sales call, someone asks for the recording—but long demo videos have too much fluff. 
  4. No one has the bandwidth to tailor demos for decision makers *and* end users, so demos are too universal to be compelling or immediately applicable. 
  5. It’s hard to get feedback on a demo with limited interactivity, so it’s hard to tell what is and isn’t resonating. 🤷

Tango makes it easy to show, not tell—and instantly provide an on-screen walkthrough of how  new products and features work. In context. With the freshest guidance and steps anyone can edit and improve. 🪄

A screenshot of Tango's Comments and Reactions feature, which makes it easy to get feedback from users as they go through a process.
A screenshot of Tango's Comments and Reactions feature in action.
✨ Tango Tip

To anticipate (and answer!) people's questions before they have them, give Automagic FAQs a try.

5. Deliver self-service enablement Sales will love

PMMs are also responsible for enabling the rest of the marketing team and the sales org, so that the business doesn’t outpace your organization’s knowledge about your business.  

When the runway for creating sales enablement is short to non-existent, you need a way to:

  • Spin up internal resources to add to your content management system(s)
  • Get the information in your head down on paper, without three people acting as scribes
  • Nip any confusion in the bud with a reliable way to see what information is and isn’t sticking

Track the ins and outs about every Tango you create

How many times have you asked Sales what they need to be successful, worked your tail off to create the 20+ pieces of requested content, and heard…crickets? 🙃

Guidance Analytics makes it very easy to show exactly what you made, and to what effect.

With Views in Overview, you can track how many views your how-to guides have gotten over time. You can filter by viewing channel (e.g. workflow page, Embed, Guidance Panel, Guidance Live) and date. 

A screenshot of Guidance Analytics, showing the Views in Overview dashboard.

With Guidance Completion in Overview, you can see three things: Completion rate (defined by how many sales reps finish 100% of the steps in your Tango), drop-off rate, and a detailed breakdown of where they drop off. 👀 

Now you can go in and confirm: Has Sales used the self-service enablement they requested last quarter? How about the quarter before that?

Note: This dashboard is for Guidance use only. 

A screenshot of Guidance Analytics, showing the Guidance Completion in Overview dashboard.

With Viewers in Viewer Activity, you can see who’s using your Tangos and how often. 

A screenshot of Guidance Analytics, showing the Viewers in Viewer Activity dashboard.
✨ Tango Tip

Ask the sales reps who are using your content most to champion it to their peers.

With Guidance Progress in Viewer Activity, you can clearly see where you’re losing your sales reps. And instead of sending out a universal blast to address the blockers, you can reach out and offer personalized help. 

A screenshot of Guidance Analytics, showing the Guidance Progress in Viewer Activity dashboard.

Improve your documentation with crowd-sourced feedback

If you’re a PMM in a sales-led organization, what’s your #1 cheat code? Getting customer feedback through your sales reps. 

Sourcing process improvements and pro tips from the front line to keep your content fresh is usually an excessively manual practice. Which means it often doesn’t happen at all. But with Viewer Feedback, sales reps can share what they’ve heard in the field while they’re on a specific step—and help you improve your documentation from the bottom up.

If a step in one of your sequences isn’t quite right—or there’s a secret to performing the task more effectively—sales reps can submit suggestions and notify you in just a few clicks. 

A screenshot of a crowdsourced insight using Tango Comments.
✨ Tango Tip

Quickly convert feedback on your Tangos into Callouts to help people avoid getting stuck at a similar stage in the future.

6. Update competitor battle cards in minutes

Collecting competitive intelligence is tricky, especially without a dedicated team driving the effort. 

Do you copy and paste screenshots of everyone’s homepages, feature pages, pricing pages, etc. into Excel or Google Slides? How do you keep track of updates, A/B tests, and evolutions over time? What’s the best way to keep battle cards current (and Sales happy)?

With Tango, you can:

  • Click around competitors’ sites and capture messaging, design, and other strategic decisions in seconds
  • Rename the step for each screenshot as a label, so stakeholders know exactly what they’re looking at 
  • Skip the walls of text and quickly point out interesting strategies with annotations

A screenshot of a Tango used to tear down a competitor's homepage.

What’s the result? Less time messing around with capturing and formatting screenshots. More time building your analysis and sharing your insights. 🔥

The bottom line

To say it’s a challenging (but exciting!) time to be a marketer is an understatement. 

One thing is certain: If the go-to-market strategies that worked in the past won’t carry us into the future, the teams/brands that will win won’t work the way they’ve always worked. 

Tango provides an entirely new playbook to get sh*t done. 

With Tango, you can:

  • Create automatic how-to guides
  • Help people find success in seconds (without physically stopping to help them!)
  • Deliver processes and personal insights to exactly where people need them
  • Transform knowledge sharing and learning on the job into a competitive advantage
  • Unlock the level of operational excellence needed to become a household name (in an increasingly saturated market)
A summary of the top six ways marketing teams achieve operational excellence with Tango.

The next time you create a Tango, invite the rest of your team to experience Guidance. It’s only going to get more magical from here. 😁

A screenshot of Tango's "invite your team" in-app form and functionality.


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