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Get your highest user adoption rates ever on your next software rollout project with detailed advice from other Operations, Training, and Enablement professionals

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To Get Higher Software Adoption, Stop Training Your Team

Rolling out new software, and wishing you had more enthusiastic adopters? Discover the counterintuitive way to drive process adoption among the most change-resistant.

Flip Skeptical Users into Self-Service Success Stories

"Embed your training directly into the tools where your people work." This is the advice from Travis Cormier, COO at 10xTravel and Tango power user. See three different ways you can embed instructions where your people work and remove the fear from self-service.

Process over Platform: A better way to measure your next software rollout

Measure process adoption, not product usage, on your next software rollout project to better identify who’s getting it right, who needs help, and where people are getting stuck.

You ran 11 training sessions and emailed out the documentation and you're not getting any complaints from the team. So is it time to declare success on your rollout project? Not just yet 😁 In this webinar you'll learn how to measure the #1 thing that proves your project is having a positive impact on the business: process adoption. Plus you'll leave with a 4-step reporting process your stakeholders will love.

5 new ways to use Tango on your next software rollout

I love it when my team ignores my training... said no one ever 🤦. If you're rolling out new software, you can't afford to train the same people multiple times just because they don't like change. See how to win over your most stubborn teammates (you know who they are 😁), spend less time re-training, and demonstrate the impact of your project.