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Exciting Changes at Tango!

Exciting Changes at Tango!

Tango Workspaces are now live on the homepage.
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Since we officially launched Tango back in September 2021, we’ve been hyper-focused on listening to you, our awesome community, to make sure we’re delivering a product that makes documentation effortless and delightful. Tango is built to empower you to keep being great at what you do while seamlessly sharing that expertise with your team.

That is why we are thrilled to announce Tango’s newest (and most-requested) features - Workspaces and Desktop!

You can now document processes anywhere and invite anyone to collaborate on them, making Tango an even better place to store knowledge.

Let’s dive into the new features and updates.

Your new homepage

The next time you log into Tango, your Homepage will look a little different. You will now see a “Shared with Workspace” Library. You won’t need to do anything - it will automatically be added to your account.

Your current Workflows will now appear in a new section called “Personal” and they will be private by default. That means these Workflows will NOT be shared with the Workspace unless you explicitly share them.

From your Homepage, you will be able to create and navigate between multiple Workspaces. This can help with organizing your Workflows however you’d like.

Workspace features

Tango Workspaces are a new way to share and collaborate on Workflows with your team. Workspaces allow for:

  • Team Collaboration. All of your teammates can now edit and share Workflows and Folders that have been added to your “Shared with Workspace” Library.
  • Sharing with Ease. You can easily invite new team members to join your Workspace. Workspaces can have an unlimited number of Pro users, and up to 25 users on free accounts.
  • Better Organization and Access. Use your “Shared with Workspace” Library as your team (or company’s) knowledge base to organize and share a full repository of Workflows (i.e. your process documents, SOPs, training manuals, and user guides!)
  • Unified Permissions and Billing (Pro). Admins with Pro accounts can now manage user roles and permissions as well as billing for the entire Workspace.

Tango for desktop

We launched Tango for Desktop on the Pro plan to enable more seamless process capture across applications. With Desktop, you can now document processes in non-web-based applications like Excel, SAP, Oracle, and others. From the Desktop app, switch between web-based and desktop-based applications in the same Workflow to show your full process end-to-end.

If you’re interested in Desktop and are not on a Pro Plan yet, get in touch.

Team billing

With the new Tango experience, it’s not only easier to invite your team to collaborate, it’s also easier to upgrade anyone to Pro and manage user permissions. Upgrade, downgrade, or remove users from your Workspace, and be billed (or credited) automatically for the changes. Learn more about Team Billing here.

Tango pricing plans

Pricing Plans have been updated to reflect the exciting additions of Workspaces and Desktop. Don’t worry - there will always be a generous free version of Tango. Check out what is included in our Free and Pro Plans to see which option is best for you and your team.

You’ll note that there are a few changes to our plans:

Interested in an Enterprise Plan? Get in touch with us at commercial@tango.us.

If you currently have a Pro account and have questions about any of the changes, this FAQ has more information.

Still have questions?

If you have any questions about the new Workspaces features or pricing, visit our Workspaces FAQ Library.

Questions about Tango for Desktop? Review these FAQs.


We hope the addition of Workspaces and Desktop will help make your life even easier! If you have any feedback about these new features, or other features that can simplify your documentation needs, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at support@tango.us.

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