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Showcase your top performers. Set best-in-class playbooks for your team.

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Get new hires up to speed. Scale your team and your partners. Teach new tools and SOPs.

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Keep everyone in-the-know on the latest with your products and services. Easily educate with product guides and updates on what's changed.

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Demonstrate Workflows to users and clients. Answer questions with custom how-to guides.

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Use Cases

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“After completing my first Workflow I am GIDDY with excitement thinking about how much more robust our documentation will be, and how seamless Tango can make that process.”

Chris Truglio
COO, Stress-Free Auto Care

I don't have time to do things twice. With Tango I can work at the speed of video recording without the worry of making a mistake or getting interrupted. Video is also out of date the moment you record it - with Tango I can easily go back and make updates to combat stale documentation.

Brittany Nickell
Customer Support Team Lead, Dover

As a growing team in multiple time zones, it’s really important to get everyone on the same page. We've learned that documentation is super important for everyone to feel empowered and unblocked. I’m so happy Tango exists to solve this problem.

Dani Grant
Founder, Jam

What used to take 40 hours documenting knowledge articles was reduced to a 4 hours using Tango, saving me and my team valuable time and energy.


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