Screen sharing
is over.

A better way is coming May 24

No more interruptions, wordy documentation, or long videos. Introducing Guidance.

Fix broken knowledge sharing systems

Help unblock your team faster than ever

Deliver answers without interruptions or context switching

Join Wednesday, May 24 10am - 10:30am PT for our product launch event.

Event attendees will automatically be entered into a giveaway which includes AirPods Pro, a Tango Swag Pack, and one year of Tango Pro. Click here for the complete rules of the giveaway.

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Join us on May 24

Customers, Tango Leaders, and celebrity guests share the future of learning, training, and getting sh*t done.

Ken Babcock

CEO & Co-Founder

Kristie Howard

Director of Engineering

Taylor Zorman

VP Product Operations, OpinionRoute

A new way to give and get answers

When you're in Get Sh*t Done Mode, you need answers from trusted experts fast—without switching tabs.

In 2021, we launched Tango to help you capture processes faster and enable your co-workers and customers be more productive by removing the friction from documentation creation.

Now, it's time to move beyond documentation to something people actually want to use. Join us to see how Guidance will change the way you train new hires, scale best practices, and service your customers—forever.

Join us on May 24 at 10am - 10:30am PT