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Workflow Capture: how the magic behind Tango’s auto-documentation works

Workflow Capture: how the magic behind Tango’s auto-documentation works

February 6, 2022
Dan Giovacchini
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The first time you used Tango, there may have been a moment of shock. You do your process... and Tango gives you a perfect, visual step-by-step how-to guide with cropped screenshots.

How the heck did that happen?

The core of what you experience in the Tango product is the result of what we call our Workflow Capture Engine.

While you are going through your process, Tango captures your mouse and keyboard inputs and filters DOM (webpage) data to describe what you are doing and take relevant screenshots.

It it sounds advanced - it is! If it sounds scary - it shouldn’t! Rest assured, Tango is ONLY capturing whatever information is necessary to create the guide you need and nothing else. We exist to help you be be more productive in teaching and sharing knowledge and will never otherwise collect or sell data in any form.

Because Tango captures more than just a screenshot, you’re able to get several awesome features including: image panning, zooming, and animation, as well as intelligence about what is captured - (e.g. did you know that Tango never captures Password fields?).

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February 6, 2022
Dan Giovacchini
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