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Onboarding New Hires with Tango

Onboarding New Hires with Tango

February 9, 2022
Dan Giovacchini
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If you’re a hiring manager or work on an HR team, this one’s for you.

What’s the worst part about starting a new job? Getting accounts set up and going through paperwork is likely up there. It’s boring, tedious, and let’s face it, oftentimes not easy. And it’s very embarrassing to ask for help.

With Tango, you can save them embarrassment, ensure all those important tasks are completed accurately, and get your new talent started on the important stuff way faster.

Here’s your Onboarding  Playbook:

  1. Create a “checklist” page in your wiki for “Company Onboarding.”
  2. Consider using a template so you can make copies for each new hire that they can make their own.
  3. Create a section called “Day 1” and another section called “Week 1.”  
  4. List out all those paperwork and setup tasks.
  5. Then, create a Tango for each onboarding task.

Check out these Tangos we use internally

Be sure to make use of Tango’s blurring features (Live Blur) to remove personal information. Once you’re done, copy a link for each Tango and insert the hyperlink directly into the checkbox task in your wiki. This will ensure everyone knows exactly where to go and how to knock out these tasks with ease.

As a final stage in the onboarding process, task your new hire to flag any Tango that needs updating or create any additional Tangos that they wish existed. An iterative, interactive onboarding process is the best way to make sure new hires stay engaged, and your onboarding process is kept up-to-date.

And huzzah! Your new hire Week 1 NPS just went WAY up. See why Forbes says good onboarding experiences are so important.

February 9, 2022
Dan Giovacchini
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