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Magic Copy: paste your Tango text and images anywhere

Magic Copy: paste your Tango text and images anywhere

February 3, 2022
Dan Giovacchini
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The experience of sharing a Tango link is powerful. It’s fast, it’s reliable, and it’s a delightful interactive experience for viewers.

But for some creators, it’s not enough. They need the flexibility to edit in certain ways and fill content in the systems they already use.

So our team buckled down and came up with a way to make Tango’s transportable in a raw form.

Magic Copy allows you to magically copy and paste all your text and images outside of Tango and into any HTML-compatible text editor. That means, well, pretty much anywhere. Kinda like magic.

We’ve seen Operations and Support teams populate their knowledge bases in Confluence, Notion, Guru, and Google Docs.  Try storing a process under a toggle in Notion - it will radically improve your internal documentation.

We’ve seen Product and Support teams populate their help desks in Intercom, Zendesk, Salesforce, and Helpscout. It’s the fastest way to create how-to doc.

And we’ve seen HR teams and small businesses fill Word Docs and Gmails to create powerful training guides and how-to documents. If you’ve ever had to send a personalized instruction manual or training guide, you can now do it at 10x the speed using the same tools and formats.

Some people have told us that Magic Copy alone has allowed them to entirely replace their other screenshot tools. The ability to export a series of screenshots all at once and simply paste them where you need is a massive productivity boost.

Try it out for yourself! Create a Tango and Magic Copy it in seconds.

February 3, 2022
Dan Giovacchini
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