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Live Blur: hide your info, while you capture

Live Blur: hide your info, while you capture

February 4, 2022
Dan Giovacchini
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Showing someone how to do something with real examples is immensely powerful.

It’s fast for the teacher, and directly relevant and absorbable for the learner. It’s a big reason why Tango is so popular.

But have you ever been blocked from teaching something because of private information on your screen? And maybe you considered using a Blur tool but it was just going to take too long or you were still worried about what was being captured originally.

Turns out, private information is everywhere. That’s why Live Blur exists.

Live Blur (accessed with Tango Pro) allows anyone to overlay their work screen with pixelated blurring using an ultra-fast point and click Blur tool. Blur your webpage once and then any subsequent series of steps captured on that page by Tango will already have all the blurring in place.

Early on at Tango we interviewed tons of subject matter experts - sales teams, L&D experts, advanced customer support specialists, and principal engineers.  A few of the biggest barriers to documentation:

  • customer data and Personally Identifiable Information showing up work apps (e.g. Salesforce, AWS, or Shopify) preventing screen recording due to internal controls and policies
  • too much personal information showing up (e.g. private folders or conversations in Google Drive, Notion or Slack) making individuals nervous about showing something private by accident
  • too much distracting information showing up in screenshots that renders screenshots unhelpful (e.g. a lot of irrelevant code, text, or images)

We’ve heard Live Blur has been one a gamechanger for both the security conscious and those interested in creating simplified screenshots.

Give it a spin - you’ll feel more control over your sharable screen content than ever before.

February 4, 2022
Dan Giovacchini
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