Your next software rollout:

Get your highest adoption ever
with 4 new ideas

I love it when users ignore my training...
said no one ever 🤦

If you're rolling out new software or standardizing operating procedures, you can't afford to train the same people multiple times because they don't like change.

During our live event we'll help you

Win over your most stubborn teammates—you know who they are 😁

Spend less time re-training and answering repeat questions

Show project ROI in a way your stakeholders will care about

Join us live Wednesday, October 25th at 10 am Pacific, 1 pm Eastern 👉🏽


Ken Babcock

CEO & Co-Founder

Brittany Soinski

Manager of Onboarding

Presented by Tango,
specifically for the Alumni Ventures Community

Tango Guidance is a new way to drive adoption of your software processes. You create how-to guides in minutes by clicking through your process. Your users experience your guide as an interactive walkthrough natively embedded in their browser. Guidance puts your company's collective knowledge right where your team needs it, the moment they need it.