Create software training walkthroughs in minutes

Pin your training to the exact place in your software where employees need it.

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Traditional software training isn’t cutting it

Problems we solve

Feeling frustrated that you toil away over software training and nobody uses it? 

You spend hours assembling training guides

Your work gets buried in knowledge bases

Your co-workers want their hand held 


Software Knowledge Layer

Software Knowledge Layer helps you create training guides by just doing the process,
and deliver them to employees where they need them, when they need them.

Create walkthroughs

Click through your process and Tango Capture AI instantly creates a how-to guide with screenshots, annotations and descriptions you can customize. 

Pin walkthroughs

Pin your guide directly on the software screen where employees will need it and use it.

Integrate walkthroughs

Embed your walkthrough into your knowledge base, learning management, ticketing and chat systems.

Tango alert in Google Drive suggesting a guide.

Guide users

Enable employees to complete your process perfectly by following the orange Tango box - powered by the Tango Guide AI screen overlay.

Analyze adoption

See who's using your software, completing processes, and the specific steps where they're getting stuck.

Tango alert in Google Drive suggesting a guide.

Talk to Sales

See a live demo, get personalized pricing, and learn how Tango works with your tech stack.

Tango walkthroughs made it easy to rollout our new ERP software and our employees actually use them! 

Destiny, Learning & Development Specialist 

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Document your first process totally free.
You'll be blown away how easy it is đź’Ą

Document your first process totally free. You'll be blown away on how easy it is đź’Ą